SoundSOUL Water Dancing Speakers Review

Experiencing sound and art at the same time can calm the soul and bring happiness at the same time. When you have a great set of speakers that offer both, there is little reason not to buy them, which is why the SoundSOUL Water Dancing Speakers are the perfect set for your home. These powerful speakers come with built-in amps and are visually appealing as they provide a water fountain with different colored LED lights when music is played. These speakers can also be connected to various devices, which ensures that you can enjoy music to the fullest.

Design and Features

These lightweight speakers are made up of quality material, and the top part is made up of acrylic, which is not easily breakable. The speakers ensure users get the ideal audio experience, which is the main reason why they come with amplifiers that are built into the speakers. As a result, the speakers give an incredible audio, which is extremely clear and bright. You can use the speakers with your TV or even standalone to serve as DJ speakers as they come in a pair.

To make the mood of the event joyful and to create a great ambiance, these speakers come with LED lights and water dancing. When you turn on the speakers and start using them, the LED lights will be displayed in four different colors along with the water fountain. The more you turn up the volume, the higher the fountain will go. The speakers also come with a 3.5mm port, which allows you to connect them to phones, computers, and other types of devices that play sound. The process of turning on the experience is simple; you are only required to plug in the speakers, and they will be ready to perform.

Performance and Quality

Concluding the SoundSOUL Water Dancing Speakers review, these speakers come with real water and even feel great when you touch them. The water fountain part of the speakers is made up of acrylic and their height is short, so you can quickly place them in limited spaces. The entire speakers are made up of nontoxic material, which is lightweight and sturdy, making the speakers one of the best ones you can own. The speakers give an excellent sound quality and an uninterrupted performance once they have been connected to any device. The best part about these speakers is that not only do they sound great, but they are visually appealing as well and provide a soothing effect when you play music. You can enjoy great music and incredible visual effects which can make the speakers the life of any party. You can find other great speakers like these at thetechinsiders speaker reviews.


  • The speakers are sturdy and well built
  • They are easy to use
  • The speakers are visually appealing as well
  • They come with built-in amplifiers
  • Give a stereo sound experience
  • Available in various colors
  • Make a great gift for music lovers


  • Can only be connected to devices via ports
  • The cords can get tangled